Wednesday, July 05, 2006

If You Can't Do the Time...well, Just Die

Ken Lay--convicted felon, Poverty-Profiteer, CEO of Enron, and One of Bush's best supporters--died today. It appears to have been a massive heart attack. My only hope is that his death was as prolonged and painful as possible to give him time to reflect on thie lives he's destroyed and for the responsibility he refused to take. I also hope, dearly, that the Lay family was not able to profit obscenely off of the lives Ken Lay crushed with his business/crimes. For whatever money they did get from his vile little hands...i hope it provides more in the way of curses than comforts.


Anonymous said...

HONEY- that is an out of control obit.

Polly said...

I was much more polite than I had wanted to be.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ken Lay,

God damn you to hell, you miserable fucking asshole.


Polly said...

The New York Post wants confirmation he's IN THE CASKET!

The Hud said...

He's not in the casket. He's on a boat with L Ron Hubbard, cruising around South America, looking for virgins!

Anonymous said...

Not to be the ass but

Ye without sin cast the fisrt stone


Those that live in glass houses should not throw stones.

Polly, i am not saying you have done anything near the level this asshole has done but going off on him at his time of death and ill wishing his family seems a bit much. I may read a little to much into what you are saying but damn.


Polly said...

Well, he literally destroyed the lives, savings, retirements, and college education funds for TENS OF THOUSANDS of people so that he could put hundreds of millions of dollars in his own pocket. He then pretended no to know that his company was some how billions in the red while he was making these profits.

Now, it is quite possible that what was his ill-gotten gain will not actually be paid back in fines, but instead go to his family as part of his estate, thus getting off, just as if he'd been found not guilty.

If i ever do anything as bad as this son of a bitch i hope i do burn in hell. I also hope my family doesn't get to live grotesquely rich off the proceeds of crime.

His actions were wanton and they were NOT victimless. we're talking about taking the future of tens of thousands so that could be RICHER.

Most people know that I'm an easy going guy. None-the-less, i'll be the first to say I can be mean, vindictive, and spiteful. That's fine. it's also a lot of what drives the intensity of my feelings.

That being said, I DO hope his death was painful. I do hope it was prolonged. I hope it was an extended metaphysical punishment in the stead of the court order punishment he now avoids. I also have no qualms about saying that i hope his money, which should NOT go to his family, is dirty. If it were in the realm of possibility, I'd hope that money cursed. This man deserves more than he got and i hope he's got more coming to him.