Sunday, July 16, 2006

Half Right?

Well I was partially right. I'd predicted that Bush would high-tail it off to texas vacation-put-my-head-under-the-blanket land when the heat got too hot from international turmoil. (and what's with Texas? our mayor declared a 'crime state of emergency' then was so eagar to deal with it he went off to Texas for a vacation!). It seems in light of the missles and attacks and disasters around the world, Bush will be heading back to the dude ranch. I'll give him his due though. it seems he plans to cut his trip short. that's pretty reponsible.

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heisenberg said...

Rumor has it he will detour on the way to Crawford, or on the way back, and on Aug. 22 will stop in the Mpls-StPaul area, to do a benefit concert for co-crusader, Michele Bachmann - to perform their hit single together, We Never Made A Mistake in Our Lives, Others Are Always the Problem. He will boost her ultra-evangelical candidacy beyond single digits; burn a bit of extra jet fuel in the process; and go back to the Whitehouse and wrap up in his Mission Accomplished banner, sit by the fireplace with a full brandy snifter, and scratch the dog behind the ears and say, "Wish Gen. Boykin were here, we could chat about old times."