Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Notes From the Ground

A friend of mine is a student here at Tulane. she's in her last year and she has just under what it takes to pay the bills. she's exhausted nearly all of her options, save one. Tulane has a hardship SCHOLARSHIP that the dean has agreed to help her with. to get this, she must apply for the PLUS Loan that the federal gov't offers...and be DENIED that. Then the other options are triggered. her mom is the only guardian she has that can do this and she's a cinch to be rejected bc of her lack of income. all she has to do is apply, get rejected, and the dean has agreed to waive the holds so the woman can start classes now while it is being processed.

Cool huh?

nope. See she's a Glen Beck fan.

Glen Beck has let her in on a few things...namely that the federal government, under Obama's direction, has created viruses (?) that infect your computer when you log on to apply for that PLUS Loan. These viruses let Obama look into all your personal dealings and business and monitor your every (digital) move on that computer. so, no sir. thank you very much, but she's not going to have any of that and her daughter will just have to drop out.

no joke. The student had to call her attorney expert (me) in to go over the matter with her mom and only after a half hour legal consult did it look like she'd agree.

There are consequences, real consequences in people's lives, when the public is fed a lie. The point to these people's work is to create a constant boil and siege-fear in their viewers and listeners. The people who are concerned about how their america is changing. The fact that these same fears were not burning as real government intrusion occurred during the era of the patriot act/bush/et al era is telling. It's amazing what you can get away with if you look and sound like your audience and have an 'other' to worry over.

oh, and here is a bonus. enjoy:

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Evil german socialist said...

Ahh it is so nice to see that we, in the Federal Socialist Republic of Germany have free College Education and free Health Care - it feels so good to be part of "the old" Europe like Rumseybumseyfeld used to call us - it feels so good to live in this bad bad Socialism - fuck it is not Socialism it is more a government for the people by the people...not for some rich people...