Wednesday, September 02, 2009

For Mississippians Worried over ID'ing Voters

It's worth your while to click here. If you had any illusions that the voter ID project had anything to do with actually protecting voter fraud, read this. Last session the GOP got a compromise bill to 'finally' bring Voter ID to MS and on the verge of passage it was killed.

By the GOP in the Senate.

The reason why is this brings in money. this scares people and riles them up. it plays into racial politics. actually PASSING the bill would take that out of the argument. now they're trying to run petitions in order to get the topic on the public ballot. it's a joke. the voter fraud its supposed to stop is virtually non-existent. I've worked in election law for years, in this very area. If they think THIS is how it is done, they're kidding themselves. i've fought voter fraud for years. this isn't it.

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