Thursday, September 25, 2008

UPDATED--Holy Cow!

Did you see David Letterman when McCain ditched the show after 'suspending' his campaign? oh my goodness! Letterman really went after him. If only in scheduling and logistics, I think this is a major mistake in his campaign. All indicators seem to point to a resolution passed by congress and on the desk of the President within a week, if not by Friday. People expect candidates to still do their jobs as Senators while campaigning and if McCain 'suspends' his campaign so that the bill can be passed anyway 3 days later, this will be seen as a major gaffe. This IS uncharted territory for the candidates, but this has been very difficult for McCain. Watch this short clip of his positions over the last 10 days. it doesn't point to his competence as much as it points to his lack of a developed, coherent position.

You know, what I like about McCain is that I respect him even when i don't agree with him. That's how i feel about the republicans i know in my everyday life, that i call my friends. I think McCain has had to do some unpleasant things to obtain and secure this nomination. I like to think that he wears it so poorly because it is so against his nature. I feel bad for him more than i dislike the man.

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Federica said...

You should check out the Rachel Maddows show. She has some smart comments re: the "show".