Saturday, September 27, 2008

Debates Round 1

Quick take:

I'd give a slight edge to McCain. I thought his walk though all foreign engagements of the last 25 years was a weak explanation of his policy decisions today (so you were down with the US/Reagan in lebanon? The bombing or the fleeing? Or the going in in the first place?). I think he lost on the tax issue back and forth. Obama wouldy hit a high note, but it wasn't dominant in much of anyway. He also did something that you NEVER do in a debate: he kept conceding points where they agreed and then have an add on to differentiate. I'm of the school that says (and I say this as a matter of technique in the format) that you never concede their position. Even if you agree. You state hour position and the audience can decide "they agree on that". When you just say you have the same opinion it is weak and lazy and gives no one a reason to behind you. I think the debates were evenly split, but a slight edge to McCain 55/45.

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brd said...

I had to read your take on this. I have to disagree with the win analysis. I think Obama took it. McCain sounded like my grandfather saying, "I remember back in aught six we went in there and. . . "

I thought Obama sounded fresh and ready and smart. McCain had his eyes open wide like he was trying real hard to stay awake. He mispronounced names and said the same stuff several times.

Maybe I just wanted Obama to win, but I think he did.