Friday, October 26, 2007

A Quick note on Hans Von Spakovsky

Recently BRD was asked my thoughts on Hans Von Spakovsky's nomination to the Federal Elections Commission (FEC). He's what is wrong with a lot of Republican leadership in government. I don't mind conservative or liberal values in office. that's the way of the world. what i don't like is when people who dislike certain programs are the very people put in charge of them. He worked in the civil rights division, supposedly helping protect the hard fought rights of the people who vote. His life work in this area (to-date) appears to be working in voter suppression and voter roll purging...particularly in democratic district. GOP districts? not so much. He's another one of these guys that go after a manufactured 'voter fraud' with a solution that is pure supression, usually catered to low income/minority districts where all the unsubstantiated voter fraud seems to pop up.

Simply put, he articulates something that sounds like a problem, but isn't (voter fraud, non registered voters voting instead of real voters, etc.) THEN he miraculously has a SOLUTION to this made up problem, and what do you know, that solution helps to minimize voter strength in low income areas, minority areas, and (could you guess?) democratic leaning districts! what a gem. I suspect he'll be OK'd. what could they object to that hasn't been par for the course in Bush Country 'election protection' for 7 years now?


brd said...

I appreciate your thoughts and understanding of this subject. I guess that I was afraid that something like your description of this character might be the case, but I had neither the information nor the ability to interpret the facts I did have. Thanks for taking some time to explain.

brd said...

Sorry I didn't comment sooner, I was away for 2 weeks. Plus I didn't get to watch any baseball either!