Monday, March 05, 2007

My Delta, My Trip (part 1)

Last week I went to the Mississippi Delta and took a few pictures I wanted to share. It took me a little while to transfer the photos, so this post is a little behind. The delta roughly runs from Memphis to Vicksburg (north to south). it extends from the Mississippi River to west, about 20 miles short of I-55 to the east, basically The Yazoo River. It is said that the Delta stretches from the Lobby of the Peabody Hotel in Memphis to "Catfish Row" in Vicksburg. I say that's about as good a geographical line as I can dream up.

There's a history and connection to New Orleans, in part because of the cotton going down river. In some ways it's from the connection of the river, but more than that it's a history of the money moving up and down the river from those cotton fields to the markets down in New Orleans. It has come to shape a great deal of my thought and tastes. where i went to law school, the tastes I tend to have, even the language I like to hear. To this day, i recall more of the French I learned in a short stretch of time than any of the Spanish I learned living in Mexico.

I digress. My hometown is Clarksdale. It's somewhat ground zero for the Delta and The Blues and all the good and bad that's Mississippi. see this picture of the corner of a building? This was the first apartment my parents had. The building cuts a diagonal, a triangle across a corner downtown. it's the bus station for the Greyhound Line. If you look at that last door leading to the corner, you're seeing my parent's first front door. It was a tiny apartment attached to the station where my father worked. SPACIOUS! heh.

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brd said...

This building actually looks like one of my very favorite buildings in my hometown in Pennsylvania. Probably the same vintage. Isn't it great?

I really like this map. I have been working on the question, "What is southern literature?" for a while. I was thinking that it would be interesting to make a map and highlight on it either the homeplaces of writers or, perhaps, the "literary locations." This might help me nail down an answer to my question. What do you think is the answer to this question?