Friday, February 02, 2007

Quote of the Week

Is George Bush a "good man in difficult circumstances trying to do the right thing?"
"No," Edwards said. "He is not."
A friend of mine pointed out the article above and she was a little dismayed at how strongly John Edwards spoke about Hillary Clinton, Barrak Obama, and George W. Bush. Not me. it couldn't have said what he did any better. He flatly held some folks accountable for their talk and actions. More to the point, he spoke in a way that cut through the chosen-by-committee words that Obama and Hillary use. All too safe to have meaning. I found the whole (short) article refreshing, and i never feel refreshed here lately.


Holly said...

Hi, I'm doing a research project on blogs in the Jackson, MS area. Would you please e-mail me so I can ask you a few questions? Thanks! Holly

brd said...

What about Edwards? Is he our candidate? And if so, why?

Polly said...

I think he's a strong contender. I was for him in 2004. I think he's a sharp guy and I think he is tough enough for the campaign that will be thrown against him. I think the only other leading candidate that approaches him in power and skill is obama. Of course, Obama hasn't had a difficult campaign fight in years and never has he been in a fight with a robust GOP opponent. all of this ignores the baggage of the race issue. I like the man, but i don't think he's as good a pick as Edwards. I'd love to be wrong and see him win. i just don't see it happening unless the GOP nominate a Bob Dole-like dud.

As for Hillary Clinton, I think she's a non-starter. she is disliked by too many people to win. people feel like they know her and either like her or not. there's not much room to fix that image with most people. there'd be too few converts.

brd said...

Thanks. I'll look for more of your thoughts in the months ahead.