Thursday, February 15, 2007

Gen. Tommy Franks is an Idiot!

I don't think Gen. Tommy Franks catches enough grief over his role in the Iraq war. because his quick march into Baghdad was successful, everyone seemed to pat him on the back and level their blame at Rumsfeld. People forget how much Franks had to do with the planning and implementation of the war. As soon as the initial combat was over, Franks quickly retired and got out of the country. Like a guy punching a heavy weight champ in the face then darting out of sight so he can claim to his buddies "yeah, they champ couldn't even lay a hand on me..."

What he really did was avoid real planning, play for one inning, and leave like the game was won. It wasn't. He left the scene to do a victory lap and left his soldiers with the war he couldn't bring himself to plan for. They pull 3 tours of duty, bleed, and die.

He plays golf.

What a hero.

Read the link above to see a short article about the war for which he prepared our troops.

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