Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Bush hit a 28% approval rating in a cbs poll this week. this was my estimate at least a year ago as to what his bottom would be. it could... mathematically be impossible to go lower than that. well, he did it. the mortar is set. we've seen the worst president of all time set in stone in our time. i will believe that for a long time to come.


Anonymous said...

Wow. That's a surprise...the PhD I mean, not the 28%. I mean seriously, the 28% is probably about the level of the folks drinkin the koolaide no matter what.

But with my hopes of moving farther south, it would be nice to have a pal in New Orleans again.

The Hud said...

Am I missing part of this conversation?

I sure hope that 28% isn't folks drinking the Kool-aid; I mean, nearly 30% of Americans would follow this guy in a suicide pact? that would suck.

Could you explain why it might be theoretically impossible to get lower than 28%?

Polly said...

i removed the Phd stuff to add to another post. It said that I was thinking seriously of getting my Phd in Poli Sci at Tulane.

Polly said...

as for the 28%, i've said previously on the blog that that number is the lowest i could see him hitting. I think that is the number of people that will never see him as wrong or bad. I also think that if there is any significant move lower than that, you could have serious talk of impeachment.

Do note that only Carter had lower numbers.

Anonymous said...

And Carter was my favorite president! Bush my least favorite! Hm.m.m.m