Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Joe Lieberman --Loyal Democrat...?

Yeah. So loyal that he's gonna try to spoil the Conneticutt Senate race as an independent. Joe Lieberman lost the CT Democratic primary tonight. Ned Lamont (the upset winner) ran a VERY hard race against Lieberman and still pledge to support him in the general election if he (Lamont) lost.

Lieberman, the loyal dem wouldn't agree to that. Instead, he moved to run as a 3rd party independent if he lost. Who cares what the dems wanted? who cares what the voters say? It's the Joe Show, don't you know!

on two different days this week I've heard two different die-hard republicans bemoan Mr. Lieberman's plight. whoa is he! A principled man and the 'radical left' kick him to the curb. BULL I say. I questioned both of them at their sincerity, that they'd ever just had their heart on their sleeve for a democrat! Let me put it to you how I put it to them:

How can anyone in Lieberman's position keep digging himself into this hole? How unwilling to see the mess he's in? You have other Senators that voted for the war (Kerry, Edwards). That's not the problem. You have other senators that haven't said they regretted their vote (Clinton). Even that's not the problem. Lieberman has cheered on the president's Iraq policy. It's one thing to keep silent or complain. Its another thing to cheer it on. He's done this up until this very week. We're talking about an Iraq policy that even Republican senators have called a disaster (Hegel). He's said THIS WEEK that things are going WELL in Iraq.

Even the GOP pals I spoke to would agree that Iraq is going poorly! So then I asked them: how the hell can you think he should win a DEMOCRATIC primary when even YOU think he's full of crap on how he sees Iraq? Now look where he's at! Maybe you can get away with that crap if you were the democratic senator from Alabama, but he's not. He's from CONNETICUTT! You think THOSE democrats want to put up with the crap you as a Mississippi Republican would call BS?! please!

the usual response is 'well, I guess so...' and to sorta trail off.

I've never liked Lieberman. I thought he was a poor choice as VP in 2000 on EVERY possible level. He's rarely used his seniority to help the party. His bridge building efforts would be welcomed by moderates like me if he were not completely out to lunch on foreign policy.

Now its the Joe Show. In his unwillingness to accept the votes of the democrats he claims to be, he's gonna run a 3 way race, split the ticket, and maybe give it to the GOP. Why? Because it isn't about Conneticutt. It isn't about the voters wishes. It's about Joe Lieberman, the first and only consideration.


Joe said...

I don't think the Republican candidate will win; even with Dems splitting their votes.

What I think could, and very well, might happen, is the Republicans will turn out in November to vote for Liberman. This, combined with the Dem votes he gets, could very well return Joe to the Senate. I'm thinking Joe will be well funded by some of his GOP friends.

Great post too Polly.

Polly said...


I know Lieberman was polling ahead in a 3 way race. of course, this was before Lamont passed him in the polls, the national dems withdrew their support, and he started getting pointers from Karl Rove. Not such a good idea if you wanna say you don't get your walking orders from bush!

eric zaetsch said...

Hi, I am Joe Lieberman and I think people misunderstand me. I am not trying to derail my primary opponent. It is just, like royality, it IS my seat. And what I will do is keep it because it is my %($*$&%$##$ seat. You have to understand it is not anything personal about my good friend, Mr. Lamont, who is quite a capable Connecticutican, as I am, moreso, so I do not hold and carry grudges; and shall remain close to my many Democrat friends in the Senate and in my state, while taking my %$(&^^&$)(%$$#(%(^^^(%$$% seat back, or rather, keeping it, and those dear friendships will not be forgotten when I resume next session and switch to the GOP where I also have many friends and in switching shall gain many more. And thank you and your wonderful blog for your steadfast support during a difficult time for us all.

[Just kidding, but I could write his stuff - stuffy enough].

The Hud said...

Is it possible that he is using this three-way split as a threat to the party, a way of forcing them to give him some lucrative post-senate position?

Polly said...

i dunno. he pisses off enough people, the jobs will dry up. there has, however, been lots of talk about him replacing Rumsfeld as Sec. of Defense. i don't believe that will happen, but who knows. i just don't see it happening. i don't see bush getting rid of rummy lest there's all out civil war with attacks taking out chunks of the iraqi parliment. too much ego on the line for that man-child president.

brd said...

I would very much like to see the development of a viable third party in this country, but this is hardly the way to do it. Ah for a good socialist workers party!