Monday, November 24, 2008

I Actually Wonder Where Bush IS...wait, let me explain!

A LOT has been made of the financial crisis (It IS as bad, or worse, than  you may think).  There has been an unusual call from Wall St. to have Obama begin naming his Economic team early (this is what he has been doing lately).  The idea is that this would do SOMETHING to calm the waters and help bring some stability.  That's how bad it is, the naming of just WHO will come along 2 months from now is seen as a ray of hope.  That said, it has left me thinking about bush.  Here's a true national emergency and he is no where to be seen.  Does it speak worse of the president for being an absentee leader or does it speak worse for him if we know his involvement would worsen confidence?  I can't tell.  It looks bad and I don't expect it to be good for a long while.



teahouse said...

Yeah, I think Bush has given up.

And I'm so glad Obama did not pick Richardson for Secretary of State, although it vexes me greatly that he will be Secretary of Commerce. If you're wondering why I dislike Bill Richardson so much, IM me sometime and I'll explain to you.

brd said...

I wonder about this also. The media has left W unattended for a long time. Perhaps they ought to be asking this question too.