Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Quick Thoughts About Debate #2

Some quick observations:

The format wasn't as good for McCain as he'd hoped. He has physical deformities/limitations due to his being tortured in vietnam. most people know this, but the way you normally see him is via one camera angle and that masks the awkwardness. tonight it was the first time the age difference was really pronounced.

McCain kept stalking around the stage as Obama talked. it seemed awkward. Contrast how Obama sat on the stool when McCain stalked the stage making his comments.

I was a bit surprised that when Obama took a swipe at McCain he didn't refute the attacks. Obama, on the other hand, did this. no reason for that. it was surprising. Also, I thought it was a bit boring. god knows what people that don't follow politics thought.

Huh...funny that this was the format McCain demanded and the old format was the one where he did a better job. i gave the last one to McCain 55/45. this time around i give it to Obama 60/40. i liked the questions that were asked. i just didn't like the missing follow up to make them answer.


brd said...

Agree with you on everything, including that the debate was boring. Neither candidate said anything really new (except perhaps McCain's odd economic package presentation). Everyone stayed "on message." Hence, those of us who have been listening for months heard nothing new. I was disappointed that they hardly even tried to veil their non-answers to the audience questions.

teahouse said...

Hey, I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on the 3rd debate!