Monday, June 30, 2008

Chris McMillian, My Favorite Bartender in the World

Mr. McMillan used to be the Bartender of the Library Lounge in the Ritz Carlton. Now, I understand he's at the Renaissance Pere Marquette Hotel just off Canal St. in New Orleans. He's the sort of bartender that knows more drink recipes than you can name and knows their histories and stories. Many times he's kept the bar open way past closing for me just to chat about drinks or politics (his mother was an old-line union organizer) or the city. Not that I'm anything special, he's just a nice guy. the kind of person you would want to see at a cocktail lounge. watch the video. seeing him work is nothing short of watching someone craft their art.

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Dr. Wagner said...

That was cool. Especially him reciting the bit as he made the drink. Damn, I want one and I don't even like mint juleps. I could do with a mojito right about now though.

Polly said...

there are more on youtube. you should look them up. they are easy to find. i put this one on because of the poem. He's one of my favorite parts of New Orleans. between him and my old barber, that's reason enough to move there.