Friday, March 21, 2008


Fox news Anchors WALKED OFF THE SET after getting frustrated with other Faux News Anchors going off on Obama! creezus!!

Then Chris Wallace (of FOXNews) actually went off on the "Fox and Friends" jerks to tell them that they' I mean, when your anchor is saying Fox is Bashing Obama, don't think i've EVER seen anything like this on Fox.


NOTE: i had a hard time making myself watch these clips because everytime i watch Fox and Friends i feel a little bit of my soul melt away.

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brd said...

I saw the Chris Wallace thing happening because:
1. It was Good Friday and I was not at work.
2. I don't agree with you completely about Fox News.

This is an example of why I don't agree with you about Fox News completely. This would never have happened on another network because there is a level of "real" on Fox albeit "conservative real" that does not exist on the other networks because their souls were sucked out long ago.