Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I spent a few days in DC and Baltimore in September. During this trip I saw all the major DC sights by night. I saw some old friends and I got another taste of a city I really like. I also saw my first Major League Baseball game. It was the DC Nationals vs. the Pholding Philadelphia Phillies. I was lucky enough that my college pal Swirly got us 2 tickets to the LAST baseball games at RFK stadium! what a cool time.

To my surprise, there was a Mississippi Bar BQ Joint right there at the stadium! I got to sit out past 3rd base with agreat view and even saw a few foul balls go my way. I ate a hot dog and had beer, fulfilling the traditional baseball activities. I sang take me out to the ballgame. and it was pretty well awesome.

The second day was a bit different. First of all, my newly beloved Nationals won! We also sat in a waaaay different area. Sometimes when you sit VERY high up in a big stadium it's called sitting in "Heaven" because you sit so far up you feel like you are up in the clouds! I'd never sat anywhere that high and i was shocked how good the view was. it was actually pretty fun sitting up high. take a look at a few of those shots. It was incredible how steep those stands get up high! The previous day you would see a 'beer man' appear about every 45 seconds. Up in the clouds i saw one kid walk to the base of the stands. he had 6 beers and yelled up the steps. He told us he had beers if we wanted them, but he wasn't going to haul them up the steps if we weren't buying! i didn't blame him. the idea of walking up those steep steps with a cooler of beer is truly terrifying! There was a guy that sat next to me with an "Isotopes" baseball cap from the REAL baseball team named made up team from the Simpsons. ha!

I had a great time, Swirly bought me a hat that i'm wearing right now, and i can't wait to go back.

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Staci said...

I can't wait for you to come back either- but I'm a little disappointed you didn't mention the SCREAMING AND NEAR RIOT over Teddy not being there for the final day...