Saturday, April 28, 2007

If i could meet...

About 10 years ago, i first started to get the notion that i'd like to meet someone famous. I've had heroes and bands and actors, etc. all my life. I've never really had any real desire to MEET anyone. sure i'd be glad to meet Harrison Ford when i was in 2nd grade, but i never really thought "I WISH i could meet so and so".

...Until about 10 years ago.

I'd moved to New Orleans and realized that my favorite band, Elastica, was broken up (essentially) and I'd never seen them live. more to the point, they'd played live in New Orleans, a mere few hours from where i was living as a fan, and it never occurred to me to even go see them. Now I can't. it just seemed so stupid of me. I was sitting there thinking I'd like to SEE some of these people i like. maybe even MEET them. i mean, why not? I could maybe even MEET someone i liked. Just then I realized it would be GREAT to see Sinatra. within a year he was dead.

A few years later I found Hunter S. Thompson. i started reading any and everything i could get my hands on when it comes to HST. It came to my head, you know, I could maybe even MEET Hunter Thompson. It may be a real disappointment. It might take a TON of effort or planning, but I could arrange something and maybe just say "Hi" or "I like your work". I wanted to have that some contact. It was strange to see that, but it felt nice to say 'why not'? Maybe it would not be meaningful, but rather it would be a way to touch something that was important to me or see it in front of me in a way that was immediate. That it wasn't a radio wave beamed to my world from across a continent. These things had never really occured to me.

a year or 2 later he was dead too.

I've seen a few people that meant something to me in the last few years. Now I've figured out someone else. John Waters. It isn't even that I'm a die hard fan of his movies (though i do like them). It's just every time i see him do an interview, I cannot help but finding interest or connection in some way (often related to how he views Baltimore). Anyway, just a thought. hopefully I can meet him before he's dead (i have a bad track record here). He seems pretty personable.

Hey, i have friends in Baltimore. maybe i could buy him a cup of coffee...?


brd said...

Wait a minute, aren't you a person who works with virtually famous politicians, flying to New Jersey to work on campaigns, etc. I think you are famous. I want to meet you and buy you a cup-a-joe and later say to all my friends, "Hey, I met Polly and the Mooch. . . no. . . really. I kid you not."

Rocho said...

I met Bruce Campbell once. That was cool.

Plus there's that interview with Dicky Barrett, that Wah and Dr. Wagner remember, that was depressing. But I met him.

Then there were the guys from Blink 182. They were nice.

John Waters would be cool. You should work on that.

Roy said...

as depressing as it might have been the photo still looks good

Polly said...

that was a good photo!

as for me, brd, i'm a guy with a few good moments, and sometimes they're even strung together in a row.

now, that's not lately, but sometimes.

Dr. Wagner said...

I guess there are a couple guys I'd like to meet, mostly wrestlers. I'd love to meet Ric Flair or Mick Foley. I'd love to get to spend time talking with someone who was really in the business and pick their brain about how the whole thing works.

One of the coolest meetings was when I "met" Jimmy Hart in Memphis as he escorted me out of the building. He was very cool about it.

Yeah, if I could...I would quit my job and work full time for the WWE as a producer/writer/creative. Something involved in what storylines are created and who does what with whom.

I also wouldn't mind writing novels based on the WWE characters, ala Big Apple Takedown. That is one fine story. And I cannot wait to read Mick Foley's " The Hardcore Diaries," which I am sure to love.